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Women often think that they can only do a Dallas boudoir photography session if there’s a special someone in their life. What they don’t realize is that boudoir photography isn’t just about making your significant other happy, it’s about making YOU happy. It’s about feeling beautiful & sexy, all on your own. It’s an empowering experience that many of our clients say led to all of their body insecurities melting away. Once our clients can see visually that their supposed flaws aren’t as bad as they thought, their confidence grows in leaps & bounds.

Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography
Dallas Boudoir Photography

Many of our clients end up wishing they had done a boudoir session years ago once they realize that added confidence would’ve taken them on a more positive life journey. The truth is, if you’re single, boudoir photography might be just the key to helping attract a special someone into your life. Not that you’ll be sending your photos around to every person you’re dating, because that would just be a little weird…but imagine waking up every morning reminded that you’re super sexy & gorgeous due to the fact that you’ve got a beautiful photo of yourself hung in the room, or there’s a beautiful keepsake album on your nightstand?? Pair this beautiful fine art piece featuring YOU (instead of that retro Marilyn Monroe poster you bought at Walmart) with a couple inspirational posters, and BOOM, you just built yourself a Wall of Affirmation. This will lead to you being the most confident woman EVER!! The added confidence will help you attract an equally confident, high-quality special someone into your life.

Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography

Ms. B, pictured above, did just that. After getting out of a bad relationship with someone who told her constantly that she wasn’t pretty, she decided to find HER sexy & do something special for HERSELF. Even though we are in Dallas and she’s in Utah, she felt that feeling beautiful again was important enough that she hired us to fly out to her for a session. Ladies, that IS truly how important feeling good about yourself is, it really is. If you have confidence, you can do anything! If you’re believing all the “you’re ugly” lies people and/or yourself have told you, you’ll be stifled and not able to accomplish much. Not that your confidence should be based solely on your looks alone – don’t forget to celebrate your inner beauty too – but it is definitely part of it.

Dallas Boudoir Photography

Dallas Boudoir Photography

It’s amazing to us that someone as gorgeous, funny, and smart (she’s a lawyer!!) as Ms. B could have ever felt less than beautiful, but it just goes to show that sometimes the words of others can really get you down. No matter whether you are single or in a relationship, and no matter where you live, we can travel to you for your own lifechanging, confidence-boosting, empowering travel boudoir photography session. Contact us for more details. Isn’t it time you found YOUR sexy??

classy boudoir photography 06

Classy Dallas Boudoir Photography | Dallas Boudoir

It is not uncommon for prospective clients to ask me if I can give them a ‘classy boudoir photography’ session. Now, this used to baffle me until it hit me that oh yes, being your own brand of sexy isn’t as widely accepted (yet) in the mainstream thought process of society, so of course those who are a bit more conservative or traditional may feel that they don’t want to go ‘too sexy’.

Is it indeed possible to have a classy boudoir photography session and end up with classy boudoir photos that you’d be able to share with your future grandchildren without any qualms at all? My answer is yes, but you better see for yourself in the photos below!

Classy Boudoir Photography

classy boudoir photography 01

Showing skin need not feel wrong. Although there is a fine line between tantalizingly seductive and unforgivingly vulgar, the right lighting, angle, and timing of the shot is crucial to producing classy boudoir photos that you won’t have any problem printing and hanging in your bedroom.

classy boudoir photography 02

It really is almost like taking the perfect Instagram photo. You gotta find the right angles!

classy boudoir photography 04

Either that or a subject to focus on…and then be sure to capture the beauty of that subject in the most flattering ways possible.

classy boudoir photography 06

Note that as much as boudoir photography focuses on your body, your pose is just one of the many important factors in capturing classy boudoir photos.

classy boudoir photography 07

Your body conveys how you feel and what you think more than you ever know, so channel what you want to be in the photos while striking a pose so I can capture all that in a beautiful image of you!

classy boudoir photography 09

Just a tip, if you smile thinking that you’re the most radiant sexy woman in the world, that definitely shows too!

classy boudoir photography 08

Want to have your very own elegant and beautiful boudoir photos? Then book a boudoir session with Courtney Engle Photography today! Your classy boudoir photography session awaits you!

steamy boudoir photography 11

Tips for Steamy Dallas Boudoir Photography

Everyone can take steamy boudoir photography photos! Yes, everyone!

Don’t believe me? Then take a quick look at the blog entries here at Courtney Engle Photography and see for yourself! Most of the photos you’ll see here are from women who have no modelling nor photography experience at all. Yes! It’s true!

Hard to believe? Then scroll down the sultry boudoir photos below and find out what tips I have for a successful steamy boudoir photography session!

Steamy Boudoir Photography

steamy boudoir photography 01

The first key to nailing piping hot boudoir photos is to know how to play your angles. Know your most flattering assets? Flaunt them!

steamy boudoir photography 02

Next tip for steamy boudoir photography photos is to wear sexy lingerie – sexy in a way that makes you feel comfortable and oh-so-feminine!

steamy boudoir photography 03

Comfortable lingerie (or any piece of cloth, really) makes for a dauntless display of womanly fierceness.

steamy boudoir photography 04

Plus don’t ever forget your eyes. There’s a reason why the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. Make your gaze ooze with sexiness!

steamy boudoir photography 05

Experiment with poses. Don’t be afraid!

steamy boudoir photography 06

Believe in how good you look and project it. There’s nothing as alluring as a woman who have no qualms about being all-woman.

steamy boudoir photography 07

You know your body. Make that knowledge work for you.

steamy boudoir photography 08

You can also try to inject a bit of playfulness in your steamy boudoir photography session. Toss your hair, sway your hips, and tell your photographer to be sure to snap those shots!

steamy boudoir photography 09

Play up those angles girl! It’s all about accentuating your curves!

steamy boudoir photography 10

Even unconventional or seemingly awkward poses can be so tantalizingly beautiful when captured at the right moment.

steamy boudoir photography 11

And don’t forget that the hair toss works in both photos and real life. Hint: Best paired with sultry smoky eyes!

steamy boudoir photography 12

Still thinking that you can’t pull off a steamy boudoir photography session? Then speak with the best boudoir photographer in this side of Texas! Contact Courtney Engle Photography and ease your worries about having your very own sizzling and steaming boudoir photography session!

sexy and sweet boudoir photography 03

Sexy and Sweet Dallas Boudoir Photography

In my line of work, I’ve come across quite a few women who aren’t very comfortable with using the words sweet and sexy in the same sentence. Oftentimes, the said ladies are the same ones who can’t believe that they can pull off a sexy and sweet boudoir photography session with me – and will end up surprised once they see some of their smoking hot angelic photos!

It is real ladies! You can project a girl-next-door vibe  without sacrificing your inner sultry goddess within! But how? It is all about being comfortable in your own skin and letting your sensual self shine through while still being you!

You can be your quirky, nerdy, and fun self and still have boudoir photos taken by yours truly. All it takes is a few hours (or just minutes, really) of letting your inhibitions fly while I snap beautiful photos of you to immortalize glimpses of your fierce sexy self . My job is to capture you at your prettiest, your raw beauty translated into photos that you can enjoy for your private collection or perhaps gifted to a special someone.

Here are some sexy and sweet boudoir photography shots that prove that you can have the best of all aspects of your femininity.

Sexy and Sweet Boudoir Photography
Sexy and Sweet boudoir photography 01

sexy and sweet boudoir photography 02sexy and sweet boudoir photography 03sexy and sweet boudoir photography 04sexy and sweet boudoir photography 05Isn’t it amazing how much impact the color of one’s lingerie can affect perception?

It holds the same transforming power as a pair of vibrant stilletto heels !

sexy and sweet boudoir photography 06sexy and sweet boudoir photography 07sexy and sweet boudoir photography 08Sexy and sweet boudoir photography 09

From an absolutely alluring vamp to an equally pretty playful vixen – that’s the magic of a well-crafted sexy and sweet boudoir photography session!

sexy and sweet boudoir photography 10

Ready for your very own sexy and sweet boudoir photography session? Then book with Courtney Engle Photography today! No matter where you are in the DFW area and nearby places, our studio is ready for you!