About Us

About Us

Courtney Engle | Owner + Principal Photographer

dallas boudoir photography

Hello, there! I absolutely LOVE having the privilege of photographing gorgeous, amazing women of all shapes and sizes! Most women who come to me to get their boudoir photos taken have no idea how beautiful they really are. They are self-conscious, critical of their bodies and sometimes wishing they looked some other way. Many of my clients leave with an incredible bounce in their step, standing a little straighter, and completely OWNING themselves and who they truly are after their experience with me! They thank me for making them feel comfortable, sexy, and confident. THEN, when they finally see their photos, they are just blown away! Every woman tells me that they can’t believe it’s actually them in the photos, that they had no idea how gorgeous they really were.

Now, a few fun facts about me:

  • I am married to my husband, Matt, and I have two boys, Nate and Will (third grade and kindergarten)
  • We have a little dog named Cosmo (as in Kramer), and his nickname is “Chubby Puppy” because he will literally jump on the kitchen table, grab food and run off with it. He’s lucky he’s so stinkin’ cute :).
  • My older son, Nate, plays academy soccer for FC Dallas, as well as on a rec league, so I am legit a soccer mom.
  • I seriously love audiobooks. I might be obsessed, because I look for every opportunity to listen to one.
  • I wear glasses 90% of the time.  Contacts were apparently created by the devil, because they are crazy uncomfortable.
  • I love my husband and my kiddos and the time I get to spend with them, but I LOVE that I get to work doing something as super cool as being a boudoir photographer!  It really is such a great job, and something I’m very thankful for.